Path Path Size Desc. Notes
/4 26G 4chan Mirror Sub-Folders are board names, sub-sub-folders are thread IDs
/aco 835M Adult Comics
/b 950M Random
/d 9.3G Hentai/Alternative
/e 456M Ecchi
/gif 9.4G Adult GIF
/h 879M Hentai
hc 2.1G Hardcore
/hm 558M Handsome Men
/hr 598M High Resolution
/vip 40M Very Important Posts
y 617M Yaoi
/6 6.5G Furry Shit
/f 184M Furry Shit
/l 16G Loli shit
/p 559M Pornhub Rips
/t 2.5G Torrented shit
/u 996M Shit people sent me Subfolders are name of person that sent me shit (Send your shit to
/y 5.1G Furry Shit yiff